Apron feeder carrying rollers and heavy-duty chain assembly.
Traveling shiploader conveyor arrangement.
Rotary railcar dumper end ring inspection.
Rotary railcar dumper end ring.
Rotary railcar dumper platen.
Rotary railcar dumper girders fabrication.
Traveling shiploader conveyor.
Frame of traveling ship loader conveyor.
D section Traveling shiploader conveyor arrangement.


Simartec´s covers project management, inspection, production planning, coordination and logistics operating throughout México presenting a direct connection between our customers and operations inside México.

Our ability to source locally and internationally with supply chains setup in China, Southeast Asia, US and México ensures the most efficient combination of technological and labor expertise, providing the lowest cost options to our customers while exceeding their quality, delivery and customer service requirements.


  • Wear and Spare parts for mining equipments.
  • Mechanical Fabrications:
  • Shuttle Conveyors
  • Apron Feeders
  • CBU Digging arms
  • Rotary Car Dumpers
  • Hoppers and Chutes





Simartec as part of a global network of companies is able to fulfill your demands through the most efficient use of resources. Our network of companies operating in South Korea, China, Malaysia, US and México offers distinct competitive advantages within your reach. Up today we developed an extense, reliable and competitive suppliers base for:

  • Castings.
  • Metal Stampings and machining.
  • Aluminum Castings and Extrusions.
  • Forgings and shafts.
  • Electrical insulations.
  • Heat shrink tubes.
  • PVC tubing.
  • Ceramics.



One of our key areas of expertise are the electrical insulations, mostly developed for resistors, high-power resistors assemblies (rail, off-highway, transit, dynamic braking, or load banks) and heating element applications.

  • Mica Muscovite, Phlogopite.
  • Ceramics: Steatite, Cordierite, Alumina, etc…
  • Bulk Molding Compound.
  • UL Heat Shrinkable tubes. UL PVC tubes.




We support customers in the development of their own solar racking support designs implementing the most cost effective manufacturing options.

  • Solar Racking supports.
  • Photovoltaic Cable.
  • Aluminum frames.